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markyduckMark Williams is your average Alaskan man, with the small exception that he sometimes wears silks and satin and makeup, but only when he’s on the job. At these times average Alaskan man Mark Williams transforms himself into Marky d Clown. Marky was born out of the anchorage comedy scene in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Mark performed with Improv groups like Red Ram dinner theater, Way off Broadway players and Synergy Scene Machine. Mark was a featured player on the Mr Mike mystery hour on KTUU performing in over 30 plays and 40 commercials in the 80’& 90’s

vemioMarky started clowning in 1991 and soon had a large following and was in demand at parties all around Anchorage and the Matsu Valley. Marky and Friends started in 1992 and put Marky’s clowning and balloon art together with the most talented facepainters in the state, a perfect party pairing!

markyheadshotMarky expanded his new troupe, centered around the talents of his wife, a former Miss Alaska, PJ “Peaches” Williams and her skills with a paint brush. Peaches created transitory works of art on living canvases, plying the craft of Face Painting and they soon had a lucrative booth at the Alaska State Fair and were finding themselves booked at both private and corporate events around the State. Marky and Peaches were constantly on the lookout for additional talented artists to supplement their events and soon had a small core group of some of the most skilled face and body painters in the State, recieving their basic training in the craft from Peaches and later attending workshops in Face and Body painting around the World to further prefect their craft.

Marky and Friends, as they have come to be known, are based in Wasilla but serve Alaska and the World. Marky and Friends venue credits are to numerous to mention in this limited article, with Marky being Alaska’s premier clown for many years with a talent for making over 200 balloon animals and art. His favorites are Rainbows, fishing poles,laser guns, bows n arrows, 2 hearts on a magic wand, many of Marky’s Balloon creations are former top place constructions in Balloon twisting competitions. Marky has done 7 contracts for the Japanese theme park Huis Ten Bosch, spending a total of 2 years in Japan. He has been on national Television in Japan 5 times and local Alaskan Television many times as well as featured in many Japanese  commercials.

Marky and Friends have had their awesome Facepainting booth at the Alaska State Fair in Palmer for 20 years with featured painters coming up from as far away as Florida. The Alaska State Fair booth is by Pioneer Plaza next to Colonel Macs Popcorn! Over the years Marky and Friends have not only moved up the trail to the current preferred position they now hold but have improved their booth from the classic blue tarps to the current professionally constructed booth that optimizes space allotment while assuring a smooth traffic flow, as Marky and Friends often find themselves with lines rivaling those of the famous Turkey Legs and sling shot.

Markys facepainters are constantly perfecting their craft by attending conventions, teaching classes and staying up to date on the latest products and techniques. Of utmost importance are the materials that they select, paying the premium prices for the finest professional face and body paints available, an expense that is reflected in the unsurpassed quality of their work.

Marky’s Balloon Creations

Marky in Japan

Marky is an international sensation, just ask the thousands of fans of Marky d Clown in Japan where language was no barrier to his universally funny personality.

Marky on the job

Hello Boy’s and Squirrels!

Welcome to Marky D Clown’s home on the inter tubes!

Marky is a balloon sculptor extraordinaire!

He has  been practicing the magical art of balloonery for many years. He has literally hundreds of different balloon creations that he can make.

On the following pages are just a sampling of some of the wonderful creations that Marky and his friends can make for you and your guests.

Booking Marky

Email Marky at:

Call MARKY AND FRIENDS: 907.373.5052

If you would like to book Marky for your event please contact us well in advance. Dates fill up fast!

*We have the most experience and expertise in the State.

*We are the finest and fastest.

*We put a lot of time into advanced studies of our art and it shows in our product.

*Our face and body artists use only the finest top quality special effects make up.

*All our make -ups are state of the art  non allergenic, water based that come off easily with soap and water.

*Our artists take classes and attend and teach  at face and body art conventions and study the latest DVD‘s.

*We have won  to many awards for our artwork to list ,Weve also been featured in  many Face and Body art magazines!

*Marky d Clown our Clown /balloon artist has done 7 tours of Asia and knows over 200 different sculptures.

*Our artists can paint fast cheek designs for large parties to keep lines moving to full faces or even bodies for more of a show effect.

*Our most popular package is to send a Clown/Balloon artist and face and body artist to a event.

To get a cost estimate for your event send an email to and include:

  • client
  • event
  • date of event/day of week
  • time of performance
  • location of performance
  • clown/balloon artist or Face and body artist  or Both

We will respond usually the same day. And thank you for visiting our website, we hope you have been entertained.

Due to circumstances beyond our control Marky and Friends will no longer be accepting Cows, Pigs, Moose or other livestock, nor shares in authentic Alaskan Gold Mines as remuneration for services. We hope you understand and are not terribly inconvenienced by this policy.